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    whipped slave

  • whipped ass slave girl

    whipped ass slave girl

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    Spanking whipped

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    Slave submission

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    Slave submission 2

  • Slave girl

    Slave girl

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    Humiliation slave 3 mistress

  • Humiliation slave

    Humiliation slave

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    foot fetish 2

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    CBT Mistress Johanna

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    Foot Fetish

  • Mistress Johanna

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    Mistress Johanna

As you know, everyone who follows me, I´ve been making Femdom videos for several years. Just like when I have a session, I adapt to preferences and limits of the submissive, I also make personalized videos, in wich I address only you, and even call you by name.

For me it is a pleasure, through the camera, to come to make your yaernings for submission come true, while my dominant instincts are satisfied. All this, taking care of the details. In clothing, where leather, latex, lingerie, nylon, or pvc, will be fundamental, and of course, boots or high hells shoes, or seductive gloves, will have a great prominence, all so that any fetishit, sits in his particular paradise.

On site, whether outdoors, in my dungeon, or in another location. And of course, in the theme of the clip, where you can explain to me what your fantasies are, both in all the above details that I have commented on, as well as in any other that you have in mind.

Allways, with great image and sound quality. Dcepending on the difficulty and duration of the clip, as if what you want is for me to be the only protagonist, or to involve another Dominatrix with me,or a submissive, or more than one, the tribute will be more or less substantial. When you send me your request, it will be me, who will decide whether it is achievable or not.

One I approve, it will be when you make the tribute effective. The duration of the process will range from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of the same. But above all, that recording will be totally exclusive, you wsill only have it your, and throughout the process of realization, a unique bond will be created between you and me, between my slave or submissive, and your Mistress and Goddess.

Everyone who gets on my website wants to know more about me.

Now you have the opportunity to not only know what my favorite practices are, and the process you must follow to have a session with me.

You will be aware of my daily style and way of life, with totally exclusive photos and videos without any censorship. Also, of course a lot of audiovisual material from my online stores, at no additional cost to my fans.

Many of you who contact me by email or phone, ask me things about me, now you have them at your fingertips, anonymously and intimately.

And if it´s not enough for you, and you need something else, like some intimate garment of mine or some shoe that wears my essence, in the same space you can acquire them, you will have a part of me, at your fingertips.

You only have to subscribe to my LoverFans channel, and for a small tribute, you will have all these privileges, beside being a way to please me, that after all it´s your duty.

bdsm madrid Mistress Johanna

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