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Online Sessions

Times change in leapas and bounds, and we adapt to new technologies constalntly. The internet makes it easy to contact people away form us, making it now possible to have a BDSM session, with someone who´s in another Spanish city, or thousands of miles away.

I have been doing them for quite some time, but there are still many slaves or submissive, who ask me what they consist of or how they are carried out. While it is true, that there are obvious limitations, since you are not physically in the same space as the submissive, and therfore there are senses that cannot participate, touch and smell in an online session have no relevance, you must not forget that the dominant sense is sight, and that is totally present.

But I would still go further, still being clear that the physique plays an important role, for me, it is the mind that intervenes most in any relationship, and of course even more so in a dominant-slave relationship.

I have slaves with those I have a relationship only online, and it´s not in all cases because they reside far away, but, because they enjoy it more this way. Like, there are others who prefer face-to-face sessions and prefer to travel hundreds of kilometerso, to be at my feet.

Allow me vulgarity, but I´ve always considered myself a mind fucker, and that´s what really excites me, controlling the slave´s mind, knowing that it is in my possession, and that your will belongs to me, and to achieve it, I don´t need us to be face to face.

Having an online session, or being subjected to a regular distance is a unique experience, and as such, you have to live it in your own skin, no one can tell you how you´ll feel.
Don´t put limits on your desires and fantasie, don´t repress and break any mental taboo you have, that is the way to happiness, and at the time in which we live, distance is nolonger an excuse.

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