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I am Mistress Johanna, born in Romania and established in Spain for 20 years.

A Dominant Lady by nature, beautiful and elegant.

At a very young age I began to discover my instincts, the desire to be above men, to control them and use them as I please.

The BDSM, gave me the possibility to bring to reality all my fantasies and yearnings of Domination. Experiencing the power within me, having a man prostrate before me, trembling and eager to continue to abide by, all my desires, as if it were laws for him.

This feeling is unique, and to me necessary, as it is for the sumissive beings who long to be at the service of a Goddess Femdom.

These words are addressed to all of you who, by reading these paragraphs, are identified in the role of servants, submissive or slaves, who would give anything to serve a Lady like me, who would know to treat them as they deserve.

After more than 17 years of being a professional Domina, having varioujs studies, I have accumulate a great experience and of course, a skill that allows me to know to carry from the scariest beginner, as well as the most advanced masochist,  goins through all the variants and games that BDSM allow us.

Látex or Leather are the foundations of my wardrobe, which will delight any fetishist, as well as my extensive collection of boots, sandals and shoes wich only the luckiest submissive will be able to access. The perfect world is the Fendom world.

Mistress Johanna


In the society in which we live many people live prey to repression, or their prejudices without realizing that they will never be happy.

From a very young lady, I try to be true to my heart. I am firmly convinced that this is the key to having a full life.

My dominant instincts soon sufaced, and the BDSM has been the perfect tool with wich I have been able to bring them to reality. Femdom is a way of life for me.

If you thing a litte bit about human sexuality, you will realize that there is a factor that is from the beginning of time and that without a doubt makes it much more exciting, the POWER.

Like the ladies of ancient Rome, they felt great satisfaction watching gladiators die at their feet, there is always a more or less intense percentage of power that makes human relations more satisfying.
In the days when we live of course, the basis of every BDSM practice is safe and consensual, but our instincts cannot be hidden, and there is always one who wishes to command and the other obey.

I was born with the instinct to command, subdue and maniate men. I enjoy doing it and I think the woman is superior to the man. The place of man is at the feet of the woman, as in ancient Rome, but with free choice on her part, knowing that so she can be happy.

Nature is simple, so are instincts. The choice is yours.

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